Choosing a new colour scheme
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Choosing a new colour scheme

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Choosing a new colour scheme

Add Some Bling To Your Kitchen With These 2 Dazzling Splashback Ideas

Tony Ward

A big trend in kitchen design in recent times is a neutral, monotonal look with sleek and clean lines. Sticking to this trend is advantageous, because it gives your kitchen a modern look with universal appeal, which is especially import for re-sale purposes. However, if you're simply not a 'neutral' person and prefer a bit of drama and flair in your interior design, then you'll be relieved to know that it's simple to achieve this flair while still maintaining the integrity of the neutral look.

Splashbacks are a great design element to utilise if you want to add some individuality and dazzle to your kitchen. They're also easy and inexpensive to replace if you decide to sell your home and want to neutralise the space again. Here are two kitchen splashbacks that will add some bling and personality to your kitchen.

1. Bevelled mirror tile splashback

A splashback using bevelled mirrored tiles will add some sparkle and Hollywood-style glamour to your kitchen. The bevelled edges of the tiles create a multi-faceted surface, almost like a cut diamond, which will bounce light around the room and create a glittering reflection of the pale neutral colours in the rest of the kitchen.

Mirrored tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Small mosaic-style mirror tiles are best for a super reflective and diamond-like look. Larger square mirrored tiles and long, thin oblong shaped tiles are better if you like a slightly more toned down look.

2. Glass splashbacks with metallic paint

Glass splashbacks are a bright, modern, and versatile material for use on the walls behind your sink and stove-top area. The wall beneath the splashbacks can be painted any colour you like, so for some ultra-shiny kitchen bling, try using a high gloss metallic paint in silver or gold. The reflective surface of the glass will enhance the shine of the metallic paint, giving your kitchen a luminous and opulent feature.

When you have your glass splashbacks installed, ask the contractor to use glass screws to fix them to the wall instead of adhesive. This means you can easily remove the glass splashbacks and update the paint colour behind them. If you decide to sell your house and want to create a more neutral look in the kitchen, or if you simply wish to play around with a new colour, you'll be able to do this simply if the glass splashbacks are removable.

Utilising your splashbacks is a great way to inject some glamour and glitter to a neutral kitchen style. If you think either of these design ideas might be perfect for your kitchen project, then contact your local kitchen splashblack suppliers to discuss it further.