Choosing a new colour scheme
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Choosing a new colour scheme

The kids have just left home, and we are redecorating their rooms. I'm finally going to get the home office that I've always wanted, and my husband is going to get a sewing room. It's an amazing feeling to be entering into this new stage of our life. We need to redecorate the rooms a fair bit - as I don't think that anyone is going to take me seriously on work video conferencing calls in a black walled room with rock posters behind me! This blog is all about redecorating your empty nest so that you can make the most of your extra space.

Choosing a new colour scheme

How to Get Larger Bedrooms Without Moving

Tony Ward

All interior designers come into their own when they make spaces seem larger than they are. There are some tried and tested techniques for achieving more space in living quarters, but smaller bedrooms present much more of a challenge. This is because much of the floor space in a bedroom has to be taken up by, well, a bed. However, there are a number of things you can do to make your bedroom seem larger, lighter and airier than it is at the moment. What's more, many of them won't cost a great deal either!

  • Install Sliding Doors

Fitted wardrobes often make the best out of a small amount of space and can maximise areas which would otherwise not be used effectively. For example, a fitted wardrobe is an ideal way of optimising the space around a chimney breast or underneath an eave. However, when their doors swing outwards, they take up more space than is needed. A sliding mirrored wardrobe is best because you can still access the storage space fully but don't need to devote valuable floor space in front of them for the hinge to open. A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe mirror is perfect because it creates the illusion of more space by reflecting the opposing wall.

  • Opt For a Feature Wall

Painting your bedroom in an off white, such as magnolia, creates a blank canvas which is ideal for a few decorative touches. Not overdoing the walls with busy floral patterns or large numbers of wall-mounted photos is the best way of clearing visual clutter and adding to the illusion of greater space. However, a focus is a good thing to have as well, so a strong colour, such as burnt orange on a single feature wall helps to add depth, augmenting the effect of spaciousness.

  • Go For a Dark Ceiling

This is a great technique for a kid's room or a guest room. If you opt for a dark blue, such as that which might mimic a night time sky, then the eye is naturally drawn upwards. When the bedroom is entered, it can give the feeling that the room is taller than it actually is. Smaller rooms seem that bit more spacious if they offer the illusion of height. This effect can be accentuated if you use a wall trim that is about 10-15 centimetres beneath the ceiling. A band of trim that is slightly lighter in tone than the wall colours also adds an impression of greater height.