Choosing a new colour scheme
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Choosing a new colour scheme

The kids have just left home, and we are redecorating their rooms. I'm finally going to get the home office that I've always wanted, and my husband is going to get a sewing room. It's an amazing feeling to be entering into this new stage of our life. We need to redecorate the rooms a fair bit - as I don't think that anyone is going to take me seriously on work video conferencing calls in a black walled room with rock posters behind me! This blog is all about redecorating your empty nest so that you can make the most of your extra space.

Choosing a new colour scheme

How to Get a Modern Look From Your Window Treatments

Tony Ward

If you don't like the fussy look of a pelmet with fabric curtains or can't stand the Victorian-era primness of curtain tie backs, then you are not alone. Although these interior design looks are great in older buildings, they often look out of place in homes that were built within the last 30 years or so. Nevertheless, producing a modern look for your window treatment that is in keeping with the rest of your home's décor is not always easy without the practicality of a pair of curtains. What are your other options for achieving a contemporary look while retaining effectiveness at blocking sunlight and offering privacy?

Aluminium Venetian Slatted Blinds

The great thing about aluminium as a material for a set of Venetian blinds is that it looks completely modern without weighing very much at all. This means that even very large window spans can be covered by a single blind without being too heavy to pull up and down. The slats can be very thin indeed - unlike other Venetian blind materials, such as plastic or wood – and, yet, when they are turned to the vertical, they block out unwanted sunlight just as effectively. What's more, aluminium can be powder coated to match any colour scheme you happen to prefer and the surface can even be treated to produce different finishes with slight textures added if wanted.

Roller Shades

Like fabric blinds, roller shades descend from a central axle to produce just the right amount of shade in your home depending on how high the sun happens to be. Fabric blinds and roller shades should be dark if you want to cut out all of the ultraviolet light that might ingress and cause fading to your carpet and furniture, but lighter colours are popular for a contemporary and airy feel. A pulley system is most common for these sorts of modern window treatments, but for a more cutting-edge feel, opt for ones with an internal motor which you can automate.

Flush Internal Shutters

When an internal shutter is closed so that it is flush to the wall, it should all but disappear with only a tiny line between the wall and the shutter to let you know it is there. These minimalist window treatments totally block light and should be painted in the same tone as your walls. When opened, they fold right back against the wall unobtrusively, but they have the drawback of not really allowing you to regulate light. They're best when open or shut with little leeway in between.