Choosing a new colour scheme
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Choosing a new colour scheme

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Choosing a new colour scheme

Benefits Of Commercial Perforated Metal Screens For Interior Design Applications

Tony Ward

Perforated metal screens are structures primarily associated with both commercial and industrial applications, as they have been a staple in these industries for decades on end. However, while these screens have been at the forefront of structural design in commercial construction as well as being utilised in a multitude manufacturing industries, the properties of perforated metal screens have allowed them to become gradually integrated into residential interior design too. And this can be attributed to several reasons. For starters, one can use standard perforated screens or customise the perforated holes into whatever shape and size that suits your decorative preferences. Additionally, since these products are Australian made, they are readily available and this makes them more affordable than numerous other materials. If you are deliberating on overhauling the appearance of your residence, consider the following benefits of commercial perforated metal screens for interior design applications.

Decorative architectural features

As stated earlier, commercial perforated metal screens have been commonly used in structural applications. However, when it comes to interior design, the perforated metal screens add a decorative element when utilised as architectural features in residential applications. One great way to add visual interest on your property with commercial perforated metal screens is by using these materials as balustrading, as they are sturdy enough to safeguard the perimeter of elevated spaces while still enhancing the appeal of these spaces. Other ways that perforated metal screens can function as decorative architectural features include as overlays on a boring wall to transform it into a focal point, on stairways and so on.

Enhanced ventilation and light regulation

If you have been looking for ways to make your interiors airier without having to commit to installing floor to ceiling windows, you may want to deliberate on employing commercial perforated metal screens instead. The holes in the screens are great for filtering in fresh air without you having to contend with strong gusts of wind. This application inadvertently helps with minimising your energy costs, as your interior spaces will be kept cool by the slight breeze that permeates through rather than an unceasing reliance on air conditioning.  Moreover, you can have the holes tailor-made into shapes and sizes that will allow a certain degree of sunlight to stream into the home rather than have your interiors directly exposed to the radiant heat. Consider consulting with your interior designer on how best to maximise on visual depth by playing around with the amount of sunshine allowed to infiltrate the perforated metal screens.

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