Choosing a new colour scheme
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Choosing a new colour scheme

The kids have just left home, and we are redecorating their rooms. I'm finally going to get the home office that I've always wanted, and my husband is going to get a sewing room. It's an amazing feeling to be entering into this new stage of our life. We need to redecorate the rooms a fair bit - as I don't think that anyone is going to take me seriously on work video conferencing calls in a black walled room with rock posters behind me! This blog is all about redecorating your empty nest so that you can make the most of your extra space.

Choosing a new colour scheme

Tips for Installing a Home Water Filtration System On a Budget

Tony Ward

You might worry about the quality of the water that you and your family members drink, so you could be thinking about installing a home water filter. If you are like a lot of homeowners nowadays, though, you could be on a tight budget and concerned about how much it's going to cost for you to install this new system. It's possible to remain a budget-friendly homeowner while installing a home water filtration system if you keep the tips below in mind.

Install the System Soon

First of all, you might be worried about the quality of the water that you and your family members drink, but you might not be sure about how much it's going to cost to install a water filtration system. Therefore, in the meantime, you might simply be purchasing bottled water for your family. This might seem like an economical solution, but the truth is that buying bottled water can get very expensive over time. If you go ahead and install your home water filtration system now, though, you can stop spending money on bottled water. Even though you will have to spend more money right now, you can save money from doing this.

Install a Whole-House System

When you first look into installing a filtration system in your home, you might think that a whole-house system seems really expensive. However, if you compare the cost of installing one of these systems with comparing multiple single-faucet systems throughout your home, you will probably find that a whole-house system might be more affordable. Plus, then, you can feel good in knowing that all of the water in your home is being filtered, which you will probably find to be better than just filtering part of the water that is used in your home.

Choose an Energy-Efficient System

Of course, the water filtration system that you install is going to use electricity to work properly. Some units use more energy than others, though, and there are some units that are designed to be energy-efficient. If you choose a more energy-efficient home water filtration system, then you can reduce your operating costs.

There is nothing wrong with sticking to a budget when you're a homeowner, but you shouldn't let your budget get in the way of making positive improvements to your home. For example, even if you're on a budget, consider installing a home water filtration system by following the advice above.