Choosing a new colour scheme
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Choosing a new colour scheme

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Choosing a new colour scheme

Good Reasons To Opt For Plantation Shutters Instead Of Curtains

Tony Ward

With their broad horizontal slats and distinctive look, plantation shutters have become a popular choice among home designers for numerous interior décor styles. When considering window treatments, curtains remain a popular choice all over the country. However, a plantation shutter installation is often better, especially if you have windows that are overlooked and you want to maintain privacy without having to draw curtains across them. Read on to find out why many interior designs are improved with the addition of a set of plantation shutters these days.

Light Control

To begin with, you should not underestimate the enhanced control over sunlight that plantation shutters offer. Unlike curtains, which only have two positions—open or closed—plantation shutters allow for much more finely tuned control. They allow you to adjust the angle of their slats meaning you can let in an ample amount of natural sunlight while simultaneously maintaining a degree of privacy. Whether you would like to block out the intense midday sun so you don't suffer from glare or you want to allow more light in as the evening wears on, the adjustability of these shutters provides a great deal of versatility.

Thermal Insulation

Bear in mind that plantation shutters contribute positively to a home's energy efficiency. The thick wooden slats they come with act as a natural insulator. In short, they trap air between the window and the room. This insulation capability means that during winter, you need to rely less on your central heating system. Similarly, during summer, outdoor heat is repelled, leading to a more consistent indoor temperature. In an age where energy conservation is crucial from both a financial and environmental perspective, these shutters are particularly advantageous.

Easy Maintenance

Because they're durable and low-maintenance, plantation shutters are also often preferable compared to curtains. After all, curtains are liable to numerous problems, including fading, gathering dust or suffering from wear and tear. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are incredibly robust so they'll continue to look good for years to come with virtually no maintenance. All you need to do is to give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Classic Elegance

Finally, a plantation shutter installation will impart a timeless elegance to any space. While curtain designs may go in and out of fashion, the classic appeal of this type of shutter remains constant. They've been fitted in homes for centuries and their popularity shows no signs of waning. Moreover, they will add value to your home. Potential buyers often see them as a premium addition, after all.

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