Choosing a new colour scheme
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Choosing a new colour scheme

The kids have just left home, and we are redecorating their rooms. I'm finally going to get the home office that I've always wanted, and my husband is going to get a sewing room. It's an amazing feeling to be entering into this new stage of our life. We need to redecorate the rooms a fair bit - as I don't think that anyone is going to take me seriously on work video conferencing calls in a black walled room with rock posters behind me! This blog is all about redecorating your empty nest so that you can make the most of your extra space.

Choosing a new colour scheme

  • Add Some Bling To Your Kitchen With These 2 Dazzling Splashback Ideas

    27 October 2016

    A big trend in kitchen design in recent times is a neutral, monotonal look with sleek and clean lines. Sticking to this trend is advantageous, because it gives your kitchen a modern look with universal appeal, which is especially import for re-sale purposes. However, if you're simply not a 'neutral' person and prefer a bit of drama and flair in your interior design, then you'll be relieved to know that it's simple to achieve this flair while still maintaining the integrity of the neutral look.

  • Essentials of Proper Security Screen Door Installation

    20 October 2016

    Security screen doors are primarily meant to prevent break-ins, but they are also used to keep bugs out of a building. But getting the most service from a security screen door is based upon how well the installation job is done. Without the right knowledge, you could face problems with your screen door installation. In worst case scenarios, you may not be completely unable to install the door. If you are going to install your door as a do-it-yourselfer, here are a couple of useful tips for you.

  • Enhance the Style of Your Home Using Indoor Blinds

    5 October 2016

    Typically homeowners will view window treatments as a means of protecting their privacy as well as blocking any unwanted direct sunlight from penetrating their residence. As such, the traditional options considered tend to be curtains and drapes as they have been used for time immemorial. However, if you would like to enhance the style of your home and improve on your interior décor, then you should consider indoor blinds. Why choose indoor blinds?

  • Create An Interior Hanging Garden From Old External Shutters

    21 September 2016

    If you have old external window shutters that are in need of replacement, you might want to consider transforming one of them into a beautiful hanging succulent garden for your home's interior.  Here's how to do it. What you'll need one old exterior shutter washing-up liquid and water wire wool chicken wire staple gun plywood cactus compost succulent plants You can buy everything you need for this project from good DIY and garden centres.

  • 3 Mistakes You May Make When Merging Curtains and Blinds

    19 September 2016

    Your choice of window treatment can dramatically improve the décor of your space. While many people think that you have to choose between curtains and blinds, the truth is that you can pair them together to improve privacy and ensure adequate insulation and light-blocking. However, pairing curtains and blinds should be done carefully to ensure that the effect comes out right without overwhelming the space. Read on to learn what not to do.